Teen Wolf Heats Up The Red Carpet At Comic-Con! [PHOTOS]

Tyler Posey Shirtless
Tyler Posey plays in concert while shirtless!
With the whole vampire/werewolf epidemic at hand recently, MTV had to jump on board and recreate a show from televisions’ past! Teen Wolf is a newer addition to the slew of shows MTV produces, and let me just say if you haven’t already become addicted to anything werewolf then the eye candy this cast contains will make you hop on the bandwagon sooner rather than later!

The cast offers some fresh faces to the entertainment world, but at an event like Comic-Con these guys are like the TV version of the Twilight gang!

Since I date back to the good ol’ high school days with Mr. Dylan O’Brien I thought I’d show his fan base he is a man of many talents! Dylan embraces his musical side with friends when not jet setting to new film locations or posing for the camera!

Read on to listen to Dylan and the rest of the band Slow Kids at Play as they kill the mic with their perfectly blended SKA and reggae vibes!

If you liked their music you can purchase Slow Kids at Play’s full album or songs on iTunes!