‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Gets Goofy During Comic-Con, Announces Fifth Season Of Hit Show

Teen Wolf Skin
Teen Wolf stars love to show some skin!
Good news Teen Wolf fans! Your favorite “wolf pack” wwill be back for a fifth season!  The announcement was made during the MTV show’s panel at Comic-Con yesterday.

This is amazing news considering how many hot guys are on this show and also because we love staring at them every week.  Now there will be even more chances to ogle at them since season five will be upped from 12 episodes to a two-part, 20 episode deal.  

The cast has been having a great time during Comic-Con.  There’s been alot of goofing off and even some ab flashing which we are really pleased about!

Tyler Posey gave as a little tattoo/ab flash during the EW Radio Show and we must say that’s really all we wanted to see!  Hopefully there will be much more shirtless-ness next season because that’s why we watch the show.

Something else we’ll be seeing more of next season is new comer Dylan Sprayberry.  Dylan, known as Liam to Teen Wolf fans, will be a series regular in season five.  This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering the amount of screen time he got in season four.

Tyler and Dylan O’Brien should also be pretty excited about this news considering that they are “in love” with Sprayberry.  We hear the trio does some pretty crazy stuff too, like talk about poop.  I mean if you consider that crazy?  I consider that gross but I guess if you like that potty humor type of stuff…

Well now you know some inside secrets from the Teen Wolf set.  I hope that doesn’t kill their hotness for you!  I doubt it will, just look at them!

There’s also this little tid-bit we included from Comic-Con of the cast reading some very interesting fan fiction.

Watch the video below then launch the gallery to see more pics of the cast goofing off during Comic-Con!