Teen Wolf 2011: Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey might be a new face to you but he has been on the radar of Hollywood elite. After landing in the top competition vs. Taylor Lautner for the coveted role of Jacob in the Twilight series, he graciously lost the battle. Going so far as to say, “I am very pleased, I’m happy for [Taylor] that he got the role, we both have really good projects on our hands and I’m happy for both of us,” Tyler said. And what exactly is Posey’s “good project”? The lead role in the remake of the 80’s classic Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox. “I’m filling his shoes and they’re pretty big shoes to fill, but I think I got ‘em,” he promised. The confident 19 year old also wanted to let the world know ” I can’t escape it, it’s my fate to be a wolf!”

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While the new take on the film will be darker and sexier, I hope they make room for the big laughs from the original as well. One big change Posey commented on was the transformation. While he thinks the original was “a little cheesy” he assures “my transformation is going to be a lot darker than the original movie. I don’t know how real you can make a werewolf transformation since its supernatural but we make it as real as possible!” he laughed. Well Tyler certainly poses a few reasons to check out the new flick…Will you?