Teen Superstars Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Engaged!

April 1st, 2011 // 55 Comments

That was fast! Teen dream, and hair icon, Justin Bieber and the vivacious Selena Gomez have reportedly gotten engaged!

I have a feeling these screaming and crying girls in Paris, France are going to put a death warrant on poor Selena.

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Justin and Selena have been dating since last fall, but only have recently gone public with their romance. I’m hoping for the couple to film a “preparing to head to the alter” type reality show.

Details of how Justin proposed are after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. meiner

    Such false reports are not even on 1 April funny.
    Not funny!

  2. anon

    omg at first i thought this was true but i’m sooo glad it’s not!!

  3. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    Commented on this photo:

    Are they really engaged? Because you scared me. 17 and 18 year olds can never get married.Are u insane there are thousands of girls who actually believed you. I mean I know it’s April Fools Day but come on man lay off.Selena already got death threats she does not need the whole world knowing that have a heart.

  4. LOL

    Oh wow, I actually fell for it. NOT FUNNY.

  5. ij

    i thought it was really funny and believed it too….so sad

  6. Biebz

    O.M.G…I seriously was CRYING!!….Until i read the APRIL FOOLS!!
    LOL That got me scared!! xx

  7. ilovebieber

    i nearly cried until i saw april fools :’)

  8. Anonymous

    I already knew this was a joke. :P

  9. kaitlyn coole

    lol so funny i had a heart attack

  10. paige

    i thought it was real hahha i just cried
    then i read april fools!!!!

  11. XxHolly

    OMG i fell for it !!! Thank god it aint true LUV U JB xx

  12. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow are you guys serious? You CAN get engaged under the age of 18, and at 18 you are a legal adult and can do what you want. You can also get married under 18, but only with parental consent.

  13. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    i watnt tacos and hes a fag

  14. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    wow look this website is wack my only comment:p
    look up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    HOW SAD HIS FANS ARE CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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  17. jaime

    It’s hilarious that lots of you “cried” as if you actually have a chance with Justin Beiber lol

  18. lydia

    oh i wrote a whole page long saying how much u guys should not get married yet then saw the other mesages and saw it was April Fols FEW I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER YOU TOO SELENA BUT I LIKE JUSTINS ASS HAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. analassassin

    she’d never marry him
    his dix too small

  20. harley

    Yall are all crazy for liking him. His music is good ,but nobody stands a chance with him except people like him ! Besides why would anyone thank about marriage that young anyway! Imean we’re all to young to get married anyway! At leastI hope your all young! lol

    • lizzy

      yes we do have a chance he says he wants a girl who has a great smile who will make him laugh and is nice!!!! soo learn ur facts plzzz thanks!!:)) <3 -lizzy bieber!!!!

    • hannah

      wow ur a loser. Selena gomez is nice and has a great sense of humor and a great smile. YOU WOULD NEVER STAND A CHANCE.

  21. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    Commented on this photo:

    really r they really engaged ! tht so quick omg

  22. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    Commented on this photo:

    omfg ilove u justin (L)

  23. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    fartunny breezy bieb
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    omfg i love u justin (L)

  24. emma

    not true!!!!!

  25. lizzy


  26. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    love you JUSTIN <3

  27. nashka

    omg i literally fanted until i saw the april fools,good luck that wasnt true

  28. nashka

    i almost felt for that, i was about to scream omg but i didnt ~~~~~~~$$$$$$ that was close

  29. nashka

    oh and if selena is 18 why will she b engaged with justin a 17 year old wwwooowww

  30. can i come to da wedding plez

  31. Lauren

    Justin and Selena won’t last long with all these death threats everyone wants her dead I mean I wouldn’t do it but I wouldn’t be sorry if she died the sooner they break up the better



  33. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
    Commented on this photo:

    why would justin bieber get engaged i am not hating on selena or anything but she is older then him when u get married or engaged u should be the same age or the man should be older and selena wont even wear justin bieber’s perfume someday

  34. zoey


  35. Xavier

    Honestly i dont have bieber fever so i dont care if he got engaged or not and even if i did i wouldnt care its his life so he can do what he wants with it.

  36. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    Um, if they’re crying that’s stupid, it’s not like they were ever gonna marry him, awkward.

  37. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    As much as I hate Justin Bieber, it’s their choice whether they want to get married or not, so stop hatin on them and just let them be happy with whatever decision they make.

    • pessy

      i agree with jenna i hate justin bieber but if they wanna be together then let them be happy and all those beliebers out there stop hating selena cause she might marry him u wont marry him anyway so quite it like now

  38. Virginia

    ‘.-ok, so im very confused are they engaged or not’.-?/

  39. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    r u kiddin mehh hes 17 and shes 19 no they cant get married she is already gettin tryin not to get killed by the beliebers and if they get married belieber goining crazy cause this beliber right here aint playin

  40. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    This made me fart.

  41. rebecca wilson

    tats NOT funny i got scared stupid duds im in love wit him i would cry a river
    selenas great 4er him but i still want a chance ta go out wit tat

  42. mtb

    haha very funny that scared me!

  43. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    they are not goin to get married it is possible but they are not gonna yet they are responsible plus no one will end up marrying him unless it is a famous person.so lets just say none of you have a chance with him . it does not matter if the girl is older if they love eachother then let them be.now shut up and get over it!!!!!!!!

  44. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    people make stuff up like that Mariah chick. I onestly don’t think Justin would do something like that.

  45. Justin Bieber fans Paris france crying
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    Selena i love your dress it is so pretty!!!!!!!

  46. john

    #1 none of u fooly girls ou tthere r gonna have any type of chanc considering he is in love with selena gomez and that there are millions of pretty girls out there that would date him
    #2 justin does not want to date a non celebrity because critics will be all up on him and they wont have it last for a while
    #3 and 4 any of those girls who think they have a chance or even the slightest chance keep dreaming but i guarantee u that jb and sg breakup or get married and then divorced s good luck and ur welcome

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