‘Teen Mom’ Stars Blame MTV For Their Troubles

Apparently MTV’s degenerate darlings are biting the hand that exploits feeds them.  New York’s Daily News reports that Teen Mom stars Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood are blaming their woes on the network.  Evans has faced a slew of legal problems, the most recent being a violent assault charge against her that was caught on video.  She tweeted the other night, “crying my eyes out wishing I never even moved here thanks MTV.”

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Portwood faces felony and misdemeanor battery charges in addition to felony neglect of a dependent, all of which was caught on camera.  Portwood recently joined other cast members of Teen Mom for a reunion special in Los Angeles.  She was spotted at LAX with her daughter, Leah and mother, Tonya April 11th after taping wrapped.   Portwood’s brother, Shawn spoke to E! News about her struggles with fame:

“MTV plays ‘Teen Mom’ to help promote abstinence and prevent teens from getting pregnant,” he said. “But at the same time, they play a disgusting show known as ‘Jersey Shore,’ which promotes unsafe sex and drinking.”

“How is it possible to air two totally different shows and feel like they are making a difference in the world?”

“Plus, they say teen pregnancy has gone down, yet they are airing [another season of] ’16 and Pregnant.'”

Even if only a quarter of Shawn’s statement makes sense, the man has a point.  Still, the issue of Teen Mom being on the air is a sticky one.  Is it an effective way to prevent teen pregnancy?  Or does it glorify these featured teenagers to the point where young viewers want that exact same thing (fame, money, popularity)?

What do you think?