‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Involved In One Helluva Catfight

TMZ has exclusive footage of a knock-down-drag-out catfight involving Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans this week.  It’s horrifying.  Evans, who has a history of being an absolute trash bag, fought dirty and kept the hits coming even when her opponent appeared to give up.

Just before the premiere of Teen Mom 2 back in January, Evans was arrested for pot possession and breaking and entering with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp (who was featured on the series).  A few weeks ago, Evans gave an interview to Us Magazine about trying to be a better mom and handing over full custody of her son to mom Barbara Evans.  The 19-year-old hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite, as showcased by her behavior on the series.  While the other teen moms struggle with the responsibility of child-rearing, Evans acts as if she never had a kid.

Featured on the cover of this week’s Us is fellow Teen Mom 2 star Lea Messer’s wedding.  The Teen Mom franchise has been a huge success for MTV, but some (present company included) fear the network is glamorizing teenage pregnancy.  It’s understood that MTV is trying to send a message that teenage pregnancy is a struggle, but I can’t help but think that a lot of teenage girls watching the series think, “I want to be famous like that.  If by chance I end up pregnant, maybe they’ll select me to be on the show.”

Click here to watch the video…and brace yourself.  Evans makes season 1’s Amber Portwood look like a saint.