Team Lohan And The Lost Diary

Ah yes, the familiar Lavely & Singer letterhead. She’s being very preemptive on this one. If only she hadn’t let her diary slip out of her lotioned up hands.

So this Lindsay Lohan briefly lost her diary last week (that she could misplace such a thing doesn’t surprise us, but who knew teen starlets still scribbled in those things?). Anyway, it seems that a few pages from the volume were torn out before the item found its way back to the 19-year-old actress (according to New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe, Lohan’s diary was pinched during a night out at Manhattan’s Maritime Hotel). Usually, this is the point at which most young women promise themselves not to be so careless with a journal memorializing personal thoughts about assorted love interests and family matters. Lohan, of course, instead turned to the high-priced legal battalion at Los Angeles’s Lavely & Singer to send out threatening letters to publications warning them not to print anything from the purloined pages. We’re not sure of the accuracy of the claims in the below legal threat letter–which does not use Lohan’s name–but we do know that a recent Lavely & Singer missive sent TSG’s way is filled with blatant lies and misstatements. We’ve repeatedly tried to discuss these with author/name partner Martin Singer, but the braying litigator has ducked us for three weeks.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lost Diary [The Smoking Gun]