Team Lohan And The Lost Diary

January 31st, 2006 // 18 Comments

Ah yes, the familiar Lavely & Singer letterhead. She’s being very preemptive on this one. If only she hadn’t let her diary slip out of her lotioned up hands.

So this Lindsay Lohan briefly lost her diary last week (that she could misplace such a thing doesn’t surprise us, but who knew teen starlets still scribbled in those things?). Anyway, it seems that a few pages from the volume were torn out before the item found its way back to the 19-year-old actress (according to New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe, Lohan’s diary was pinched during a night out at Manhattan’s Maritime Hotel). Usually, this is the point at which most young women promise themselves not to be so careless with a journal memorializing personal thoughts about assorted love interests and family matters. Lohan, of course, instead turned to the high-priced legal battalion at Los Angeles’s Lavely & Singer to send out threatening letters to publications warning them not to print anything from the purloined pages. We’re not sure of the accuracy of the claims in the below legal threat letter–which does not use Lohan’s name–but we do know that a recent Lavely & Singer missive sent TSG’s way is filled with blatant lies and misstatements. We’ve repeatedly tried to discuss these with author/name partner Martin Singer, but the braying litigator has ducked us for three weeks.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lost Diary [The Smoking Gun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anna

    I hope one of the missing pages says “Scarlett is a bloody cunt” in Sharpie.

  2. glo

    Oh Gawd here we go again. Does this girl plant things to keep her silly ass in the media every week. If she’s not getting into a car accident she’s admitting she has an eating disorder then taking it back then she has an asthma attack Whoa is f**k’n me!! Did I mention we had to watch her parents battle it out in a divorce and see dear old dad go to jail. If she put as much time and effort into making movies as keeping herself in the media the bitch would have some awards on her shelf

  3. Lindsay Lohan

    Dear Diary,

    I am a raging cocaine addict and a total whore. I have dingy teeth, am covered in unsightly freckles, and have a voice that infers I’ve been smoking Camels since I was in the womb. Now, where the fuck my mom is with my goddamned blow? I need some rails NOW. My asthma is killing me.



  4. Jean Jeannie

    Who gives a shit about what this crystal meth addicted princess writes in her “diary”. It’s another publicity stunt to keep her white trash highness in the news.

  5. Fugly Girl

    I think we’d just find blow residue on those pages. Besides, does she even know how to write?

  6. whoop

    what kind of crackhead moron, dodging stalkerazzi all the way, takse her ‘private innermost thoughts’ journal to a dance club and then gets hammered?

    I hope her bank account numbers were on those pages.

  7. Cheesy

    Om my gawd. Why haven’t you mentioned Lisa Loeb’s thong and her greatest hits?

  8. Steve

    Do anybody know where the full picture of the one posted above is?

  9. B*TcH

    Ok so why the f*ck do u all care. heres an idea, stay the f*ck OUT of her hotel room and leave her alone, its not so much as she wants herself in the press, its just people are so f*cked in the head, they neeeeeeed to know whats going on. And for all you people who are like wow shes tryin to stay in there soo bad, well heres and idea, dont f*ckin judge a celebrities life until u live it ok. Its not f*ckin easy to be followed 24/7. I am a fan of lindsay and i think ppl label her to f*ckin much, so leave her the f*ck alone u pricks.

  10. alexi

    I hope B*itch can speak the english language.

    No offense, but if you are a celeb, its incredibly stupid to keep a diary. This is so analogous to celeb sex tapes. You never know if it falls into the wrong hands..

  11. mediaphyter

    She’s such a Paris.

  12. jodroc

    She is so young, with a messed up family and a very strange life. She is going to keep making mistakes as she is finding her way with very little to guide her. hello – Mum doing rails at clubs with her is not setting the standards high.

    Add that to being 19 with all that money and all that attention – any of us would be crazy.

    At least she is talented as long as well as the rest of the stuff. May she not be a casualty.

  13. lindsay blowhan

    What a surprise! She can write. Another one of her publicity scams.

    Grow up, will you??

  14. T.J.

    Hey, B*TcH!

    Look over there! *pointing* It’s Lindsay Lohan!


  15. deanna

    definitely one of Lohan’s stunts, blech.

    I have just seen the reruns of American Music Awards and during Lohans performance she was overacting and only the voice of her back-ups can be heard. Why did they even bother to let her sing if she is absolutely just faking it.

  16. doofus

    love most of the comments above…you guys are funny!

    seriously tho, this girl is just too much. there are some things that are SO COMPLETELY private (like a sex tape or a diary) that you keep under lock and key, especially when you’re a celebrity. things that you should always know where they are. like a wallet, a passport, etc.

    it’s certainly not her fault that someone invaded her privacy, but I’d say it’s her fault that she was careless enough to give someone the opportunity to invade her privacy.

    and what’s up with that “teacup gash” she got? does ANYBODY believe that story? I don’t know about you people, but I don’t go wandering around the house, up and down stairs, when I’m “still wet” from the shower. like most people with common sense, I dry off IN THE BATHROOM and then go do whatever it is I have to do in the rest of the house. WHEN I’M DRY. And I’ve dropped plenty of cups and glasses in my lifetime, and I’ve NEVER ONCE had to get stitches from any cut I got from the broken pieces.

    either the girl is a TOTAL idiot or the story is bogus.

    oh, and B*tch? WE are not the ones who went into her room. perhaps you could learn to express yourself without sounding like a guest on Jerry Springer.

  17. Nick

    Yeah what is that picture at the top of the headline from. Are there more pictures or full pictures.

  18. AJ

    What a dunba**, I would NEVER take my personal journal anywhere but my own bedroom. She is screaming for attention.

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