Team Jacob: One Thing Not Found in ‘Eclipse’ Is Wolf Genitalia

Last night the cast of Eclipse sat down with Jimmy Kimmel Live for a complete special appropriate titled, “Total ‘Eclipse’ Of The Heart.”

It was pretty hilarious, with the cast of Jersey Shore re-enacting scenes from Twilight, Taylor Lautner revealing his character’s biggest competitor, and Robert Pattinson confirming what we’d all suspected: the wolves have no man-parts.

“It wouldn’t be PG-13 if the wolves had genitalia…They’re like the action figures,” Pattinson said, agreeing with Kimmel that the wolf pack had been “spayed and neutered” before hitting the big screen.

As for the vampires, though, “We’re all there,” he scoffed. I’m sure many fans yelled back at their t.v. “PROVE IT!”

Watch video from the entire show after the jump!