Teach Your Kids To Love Eating Brains!

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to get your kids to eat their vegetables, much less their chilled monkey brains or human brains (I’m looking at you Sister Wives)!

Thankfully, NomSkulls is the perfect gateway for parents with children who just say “no” to brains. By giving your child delicious baked treats in cup of a skull and the shape of brains, you slowly erode their base instinct to avoid this tasty organ. By enfusing your brain cupcakes with a multitude of colors, you’re teaching your child not to be too picky over their brains, knowing that many families prepare brains in many different ways – some with salsa, some with curry, some with ketchup. The point is – eat your brains!

For a meager $12.95, you’ll start your kids down the path of eating brains for the rest of their lives, whether out of these convenient holders or live human heads. And if one day we all become zombies, you can walk the earth restlessly knowing that you raised your child right.

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