‘TDD’ Chats With Duchess Kate’s Bee Venom Mask Creator Deborah Mitchell [VIDEO]

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Plus our favorite looks from Will and Kate's royal tour

Thankfully the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their day in court, and those who tried (and failed) to ruin their Diamond Jubilee tour were brought to justice, hurrah!  Unfortunately it appears that other publications in Europe still plan on publishing the photos of HRH on private holiday, according to ABC News.

Moving on to more positive things!

The Duchess Diary recapped Catherine’s best looks from the back half of her tour with William, but we want to know if you agree with our selections.  Mulberry?  Check.  Princess McQueen gown?  Duh!

Guess what!  Guess what!  Remember all that talk about a bee venom mask that the Duchess of Cornwall introduced to Catherine before her April 29th, 2011 wedding?  Well, we spoke exclusively with the creator, Deborah Mitchell, who owns Heaven Skincare.  Mitchell talked to us about how incredible it is that royalty uses her product, and we’re happy to report that Heaven will arrive in the US. 

Heaven launched a new Limited Edition Golden Bee Venom Mask to the existing Bee Venom range. This new anti-ageing miracle mask features concentrated ingredients of Bee Venom and Heaven’s signature secret ingredient – double the quantity of the original Bee Venom Mask.


On November 13th, Mitchell will be at Renaissance Beauty in Wilton, CT and November 15th she’ll be at Clyde’s on Madison in New York City.  US residents can buy Heaven products here.

I’ve tried the bee venom mask and I kid you not: My skin looks incredible.

Does this mean that Kate and I are almost bffs because we use the same skin cream?

By Kelly Lynch

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