Taylor Swift’s New Crush: Danny O’Donoghue From The Script

Shortly after Taylor Swift has admitted to having a crush on Danny O’Donoghue, rumors are swirling of a romantic connection between the two. The teen singing sensation told The Mirror, “I have a crush on the singer from The Script. He is cute.”

Not too long thereafter, Swift updated her fans on what she was up to, by posting the following on Twitter:

Getting ready for a photo shoot, blasting @martinsays “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now”. Loooove.

Hmm, it sounds like maybe Tay-Tay’s trying to tell us something? Anywho, here are pictures from the photoshoot in question and girlfriend couldn’t look happier. Or more stylish, in her stripey dress.

Gallery Info: Taylor Swift
poses for a stylish photoshoot in Notting Hill.