Taylor Swift Is Beautiful In Brown At The CMT Awards

Nope, still don’t like Hayden Panettiere’s hair. This look at last night’s (June 9) CMT awards It’s better than the bullet head one, but it’s just not doing it for me (which is clearly what matters). I am digging her Emilio Pucci though. It gives the image she was just lounging in a nightie and then got tangled up in her satin sheets, which is a look I have been trying to figure out forever (creates illusion I don’t sit in PJs with a remote).

Taylor Swift went for smooth hair and a brown full skirted Galliano dres with buckle straps (interesting since they call the big awards “buckles”). These buckles are cute, but whatever the embellished belts across Carrie Underwood’s pink ruffled number are, they are super odd.

I have no idea what they are doing there, but Snooki brought back her poof big time (how does one classify a poof and non-poof event?) and The Situation wore a shirt for half the time, so big pat on the back.

Julianne Hugh looks dazzling in her sunshine dress (I’m always jealous of people that can pull off yellow). The more recent DWTS competitor, Erin Andrews, looked gunmetal sexy in her fitted gray sequins dress, a material that was big last night as Miranda Lambert and Snooks also went shiny silver.

Shout out to Jessie James, just because she’s a hot girl who used to have a great name and now some douchebag ruined it.

LeAnn Rimes showed up in a short blue 80s print dress and without her man, that was worth all that pain (felt by other people).

The red carpet winner is Julianne for me. She went simple, but she went for what was flattering overall all the bells and whistles (read buckles).

Click through the gallery to pick your own winner of the night.