Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Have A Girls’ Night Out

They may seem like an odd pair, but singers Taylor Swift and Katy Perry enjoyed a night out together in England over the weekend. Both ladies were in town to perform at the Chelmsford’s V Festival, along with our good friend Lady Gaga.

Taylor and Katy dined at Hakkasan restaurant in Soho and spent three hours chatting and eating before they parted ways with hugs. I like the two of them together. Like, I could totally see them shopping and partying together.

Taylor obviously enjoyed the night as well. She wrote on her Twitter later on, “@katyperry really puts the ‘fun’ in Fundon.” Aww, that’s cute. Maybe once Katy has fulfilled her dream of becoming Gwen Stefani, the two of them can do a show together. Or record a song together. The possibilities are endless.

During her V Festival performance, Taylor told the crowd about her love life at the moment. “I’m still looking,” she laughed. “I want a boy with an accent.” OK, so Taylor Lautner does not have an accent, but I kinda liked the dark hair-blonde hair thing you guys had going. Get on that. And the Katy-Taylor single. Thanks.

Gallery Info: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry part ways after dinner at Hakkasan.