Taylor Momsen is Sooooo Ironic.

I have never watched Gossip Girl.  I have never seen The Pretty Reckless play. I have seen pictures of Taylor Momsen, but never did know she was Cindy Lou Who, in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Until today. And how did that happen lil miss Taylor????? Good ol’ devil baby Google. Wikipedia much??? And what about Socialite Life??? Hmmmm???

But truth be told, aside from the semi-cheesy lyrics, she does have the rock star vibe down, and I can say I want to see what happens when TPR release their album in August. The band is good live too, thank you YouTube! So she’s a teenager with attitude, and doesn’t want to be a pretty pretty princess like Taylor Swift. That’s a good thing people!! Aren’t we all tired of these Hollywood clones!!?? But I don’t get why people compare her to Courtney Love? Albeit, the shoes are appropriate, but it would only be true if Courtney was 1 million times hotter, and actually had talent, you know, something she could do aside from being a succubus. I’m just saying.