Taylor Momsen Dubs Her Look ‘High Class Hooker’

August 17th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Taylor Momsen opened up to Spin Magazine about the inspiration of her look, which is on display in an accompanying photo shoot full of leather, undies and eyeliner. While I was going to go for “baby prostitute” the Gossip Girl star and Pretty Reckless front girl said her look is “high class hooker.” I don’t know about the high class part, but hooker is on the money. She’s a big fan of clear heels!

Taylor had some other tool-ish things to say as usual. When asked about suggestive lyrics like “I’ll let you in the back door,” on Light Me Up, she said, “I’ve had
a lot of bad experiences, and whether that’s from sex or drugs or
something else, they are adult experiences that would fuck anyone up.”

I don’t know what’s worse: her thinking that at 17 she’s already been messed up by drugs and alcohol, or her actually being messed up by drugs and alcohol by 17. Sick and sad…  

By Lola Robertson

  1. Nudgie

    Courtney Love + Justin Bieber = Taylor Momsen

  2. Scarlet Smith

    Well she got it half right, she DOES look like a hooker…

    She’s hilarious as only a 17 year old who thinks they’re so grown up could be. Oh you’re SO ADULT, Taylor. Still, if 17 isn’t for making an ass out of yourself when is?

  3. debkakes

    Where are this girl’s parents?? And what self-respecting publication would exploit her so? Spin. Nuff said. Sad sad sad.

  4. WhtEv

    “High class Hooker”–honey there’s no such thing lol

  5. rick

    If Taylor thinks her look is “high class” hooker, I shudder at what she probably thinks a “low rent, $5 a blowjob, crackwhore” looks like. Cuz, frankly, that is the type of service industry professional Taylor looks like right now.

  6. arisss

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  7. arisss
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