Taylor Lautner Wins RV Settlement Of $40,000

Hell yeeeaah! Taylor Lautner has been pretty level headed about his lawsuit to an RV
company that didn’t deliver what they promised. He asked that $40,000 be
donated to charity upon winning and he got just what he wanted in the
form of a settlement for the same amount. The owner challenged Lautner to
a push up contest to try and avoid payment,
but alas he probably looked at those
big guns of Taylor’s and decided to pay up instead.

Us Magazine reported that the money will be donated to The Lollipop
Theater Network
, which helps children in hospitals by letting them see
movies before they hit the big screen while they are cooped up indoors
with a life-threatening illness. Neato.

“McMahon’s RV has agreed to settle its dispute with Taylor Lautner.
McMahon’s RV will pay $40,000 to Lautner, which Lautner will donate to
The Lollipop Theater Network, a children’s charity with which he has a
long-standing relationship,” said Lautner’s attorney.

People gave Taylor a hard time about claiming ‘emotional distress’ when filing his lawsuit, but attorney’s say that its quite common and actually protocol when dealing with suits such as this one.

“This was never a suit about money. It was to hold someone accountable. Taylor never ordered a customized RV — it was a
used RV which needed simple safety-related repairs. There was never any
diva behavior. ‘Emotional distress’ is an automatic checked box on a
fraudulent claim,” a source said.

Seen here in various pics from his childhood, Taylor is still as adorable as ever with that bright smile and great attitude. Plus he can do back flips! Did you know he can do back flips? Seriously, you should see his back flips! He says he will miss the Twilight franchise when its over, but I’m sure this little shit will move on to bigger and better things.