Taylor Lautner Will Miss His Short Shorts And Kissing Kristen.

Hotness personified, Taylor Lautner, spoke to Mexican magazine Vanidades recently and talked about missing his short shorts and smooching on expert kisser Kristen Stewart. To be fair the interview is somewhat tame and dare I say it for fear of those ferocious fans – borderline boring.

However, Lautner does cover ALOT in the interview – like his multifaceted musings on fame, “There’s tons of good things and bad things” and when asked what he would miss most when the movies are over, his rather funny retort was, “I’ll miss the short shorts (laughs). I’ll miss them so much.”

Lautner, pictured here at ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse photocall in Berlin, Germany on 06/18/10, then goes on to reveal that he was disappointed with Eclipse! Oh, I know what you’re thinking – finally someone tells the truth. On-set fights, behind-the-scenes gossip! Alleluia!

But no, his disappointment lies in the fact that so many of his ‘action’ scenes were in wolf form, “Honestly, I was disappointed. There were many action scenes for Jacob, but when the best stuff happens, Jacob is in his wolf form, so they left out some of the stuff I did on my own.”

He then goes on to say, that “At least I got to kiss Kristen for the first time ever. That was the best. She’s a great kisser.” Adorable!

Towards the end of the interview, when discussing his impossibly perfect physique, he becomes even more endearing – if that’s possible and shows that really he is still just a kid.

“Sometimes I wish I could eat some icecream, and I do cheat, but when I have filming of a photoshoot coming up, I need to be strong to stay in shape. It’s hard to get muscles and it’s just as hard to keep them. When i’m too busy to go to the gym or if I don’t find enough time to eat, I can lose the muscles quickly, and it’s 10 times harder to recover them.”

Mr. Lautner sir, you just broke my heart. All he wants is some ice-cream! Give the kid some ice-cream!