Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift’s Date Day [PHOTO GALLERY]

December 4th, 2009 // 10 Comments

It’s been a while since Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift had the opportunity to hang out together, so they did so in a big way. They spent the entire day together.

The couple started the day off by re-shooting some scenes for their movie Valentine’s Day. After a hard day of work the two headed on over to Benihana in Beverly Hills for some dinner.

Since they’re both to young to head out for a nightcap, they went to Menchies Yogurt for some ice cream in Beverly Hills, CA.

I kind of like this wholesome couple. What do you think? Are Taylor and Taylor the perfect match? Let us know in the comments.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jayne

    really….someone has to carry her bag for her? really?!

  2. sarah

    that’s what i was thinking , is she that lazy she cant carry her own bag ? serously, and as for the couple thing , no , they dont look good together , they look ackward , like there both trying too hard. i liked him with selena , they were always laughing and smiling , with taylor s , he seems i dont know like he’s trying to be tough but comes off bad. i dont know maybe its , me or maybe cause taylor swift is annoying the crap out of me i swear if i see that band hero commercial one more time im busting something up.

  3. elsie

    I do! I like them together… but I still think she is too tall for him… sorry :(
    I rather Selena

  4. good grief

    ugly offspring is the only thing i see here

  5. artemis

    I think they are adorable together. They are both moral, young and fighting a lot of limelight; it must be nice to be in a relation where the other knows the feeling and can relate. They are destined for greatness if they stay together.

  6. luvinlife

    just no.
    i think she’s ridiculously cute
    and i think he’s one of the most gorgeous guys i’ve ever seen
    but they are not as attractive together as they are apart sorry. they’re awkward
    selena gomez ftw.

  7. Camarowithababyseat

    Who cares?

  8. Bi-o-tch

    They r so cute together they r like the perfect mates and i didnt know he and selena ever went out omg!

  9. MoJo

    C’mon folks, chill. This is obviously a photo publicity stunt for their upcoming movie. The photos wouldn’t look right if she had a big bag hanging on her, it’s not an issue of lazy but what makes a good picture- more then likely suggested and promoted by their agents. Have some respect for others.

  10. Howie348

    I hope they name their kid Taylor. Or maybe T-Square.

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