Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Break Up

December 29th, 2009 // 23 Comments

The two Taylors–Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift–have ended their puppy love romance after dating for three months. A snitch tells Us Weekly, “It wasn’t really developing into anything, and wasn’t going to, so they decided they were better as friends…There was no chemistry, and it felt contrived.”

While things ended mutually and the two have agreed to remain friends, a source close to Swift reveals, “He liked her more than she liked him. He went everywhere he could to see her, but she didn’t travel much to see him.”

Wait? You mean it wasn’t enough for a sustainable relationship for the two young tweens that they were both named Taylor? Odd.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Macy

    Awe, that’s too bad they seemed like they were really into eachother. Ugh now the crazy-ass fan girls can have a party but that really sucks…

  2. jeannette wood

    Taylor swift wasn’t good enough for Taylor Lautner anyway. “Jacob” needs a REAL girl!

  3. Emma

    Jeanette. ‘Jacob’ is a fictional chararcter. He will never love you.

  4. Sara

    haha, BURN.

  5. desteal

    i think ‘they are friends’ is good. they seem like the close friend. i like both of taylor.

  6. jewelzbby

    wellin happy they broke up taylor L. was to good4 her so it was the best4 them2 brake up n taylor swift has2 fine som1 that likes country music n that is more her type b/z taylor is to outgoin4 her

  7. taylor hudgens

    hahahaha tht was a burn, sorry anw yeah taylor lautner was wayy to good for her and she was older so tht wouldent ov looked good IM HAPPY THEY BROKE UP

  8. a mistery girl in love with taylor lautner

    i love talyor lautner. i like talyor swift’s music in till she started going out with taylor lautner! then i got slightly jealous (everyone is jealous of not having taylor lautner coz he is hot)
    he is way to hot for her anyway. he was much nicer two!!! and he lookied far two young for her!!!

    (i have seen all the twilight films, which he is in and im very fond of him walking round with his top off!!!:D:L)

  9. carolyn

    well i think Taylor lautner is hot but theirs more than that to him i mean if i was him i will be scared to death if i read this gossip. but either way i wish one day i could meet him and we can be great friends. but i have to be famous to do that. no chance for me and by the way wen u love someone u have to really mean it not just say it well anyway bye im going bolling and then to the movies and to a party . hugs and kisses to Taylor Lautner.

  10. Janet

    Weird couple if you ask me.
    Never would of thought they would be together. :/
    He’s SOOOOOO cute !

  11. Penta

    They would’ve never lasted, they were both in it for status and not love. It was all publicity. Sorry if you thought it was something more, but it really wasn’t.

  12. Genesis

    awwwww how cute of him… going everywhere just to see her I dont know but people these days dont like serious relationships psss

  13. katelin

    oh Taylor1, im so jealous..
    oh Taylor2, i love you so much..

    how pathetic.

  14. Lamariya

    i mean like she is such an ungrateful bitch and taylor can do much better than her anyways she she didn’t evn show him affection, love and that she cared about him he tried to go everywhere for it and she didn’t do the same for him he loved her but the bitch didn’t love taylor. Taylor needs someone to love and appreciate what they’ve got because he deserves it i know that if taylor was in an real releationship he would give anything and do anything for them. I’m like his biggest fan EVER when i’m 18 i’mn moving to LA for him. :) i will show him love.

    • bothtaylor'sfan

      hey!!! the next time u call taylor a bitch.. i punch ur face….. ( does a peace sign) i mean wat she did was wrongbut then she wrote a song APOLOGISING to taylor …..u can hear tht song its called back to december…..stupid….. move out of ur dream world!!! they are made for ech other… taylor.s has realised wat mistake she had done and taylor.l is a cute sweet nice and lovely guy and i am sure he wud undertsand…i hope u move to L.A and find someone who is nice and sweet….

    • unknown

      breaking up with him doesnt make her an ungrateful bitch. if you dont like a guy, its time to break up with him. i know how she feels in Back to December. i broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and he loved me more than i deserved. i think its really sweet of her to write that song for him apologizing. i mean come on, have you ever broken up with a guy? that doent make you an ungrateful bitch. It makes you human. just because hes taylor laughtner doesnt change the fact that hes a guy, just like everyone else that yuove dated. Its ok to break up with him. its better than pretending that you love him too. better to be honest!

  15. Amanda

    Ok, so, I read all these comments and I’m thinking “what the hell is wrong with you people?” I mean, sirously,99% of the girls that “love” Taylor Lautner don’t know anything real about him and never will. So all of you stop thinking all that crap that you’re in “love” with Taylor and that one day you’ll meet and fall in love with you, ’cause it’s never gonna happen. I’m not trying to be mean, but you all need a dose of reality.

    • kristin

      omg ur so right i mean i love taylor s and she sooo sweet how dare some people call her a bitch and i do likt taylor l but im not “in love” with him i mean u girls make al other girls “like me” look bad you girls r no better than justin bieber fan and thats just as low as u can get and another thing you not in love with taylor l you in love with his charactor which i have to say its sad because NO GUY IS LIKE THAT GAH! but thank u 4 pointing this out!

  16. Nadine

    I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga but I absolutely agree with Amanda… None of you are actually “in love” with Taylor Lautner, you are all just obsessed with Jacob… don’t get me wrong, he is very sexy… but lets be realistic. I think its sad their relationship didn’t work out and I wish them both happiness in the future. At least a couple of you actually admit that jealousy is the reason for your dislike of Taylor Swift.

  17. bree

    well first i want to comment about how sad i am about taylor lautner and taylor swifts break up i mean they looked like a perfict coppel but i guss it wasnt ment to be but i mean everyone talkes about how cute and hot and how much they want to marriy him, but the people how say this stuff can you really say that because inless you know ether of them or you have seen them fight when they were a coppel then i think no one has the right to talk about thme in a bad way and by the way nadine is right your all obsessed with someone you dont even know.

  18. amanda
    Commented on this photo:

    taylor swift sucks! why the hell did taylor lautner date that stupid idiotic girl

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