Taylor Lautner In ‘Emotional Distress’ Because His Tricked-Out RV Isn’t Finished

August 24th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Teenage millionaire Taylor Lautner has been caused “annoyance” and “emotional distress” because his pimped out RV trailer wasn’t delivered in time to the set of his new movie. The horror!

The $300,000 trailer was to be delivered to the set of Abduction no later than June 21 and now Taylor (pictured on set July 15 in Pittsburgh) is filing a big fat lawsuit. I mean, like, don’t these people know who he is? How dare they not meet the measly demand of a teenage werewolf hottie to build a trailer that costs more than a house: the nerve! I’m glad at least now that Taylor has graduated from Twilight that he’s using all that money wisely, right? 

By Lola Robertson

  1. John

    I totally believe this and you can tell that he is a total barfwad just by the look on his face. I would also totally hate it if his penis fell into my mouth.

  2. teeniefaxmachine

    It’s not like it was an hour late, or a day or even a week it’s about 3 weeks! If I paid that kind of money and my “whatever” wasn’t delivered somewhere on time I’d sue them too and so would you!

  3. JOhn Jones

    Shame on you Socialitelife. The use of umbrellas and fans is standard in film shoots, to keep makeup and composition in place between shots. You’ve posted similar pictures of Ryan Phillippe, Matthew McConaughey and others on film sets with fans and umbrellas, without innuendo or distortion to suit a bias.

    As for the law suit, it seems apparent the dealer violated the written agreement. Kudos to Lautner for giving the dealer two extra months beyond the due date agreed upon by the dealer before filing. Seems more like a nice guy being taken advantage of — by the dealer and now you.

  4. Philip Wester

    It’s not that he sued the RV dealer that makes him a douchy primadonna; it’s that he alleges that he was caused “emotional distress” by the delay.

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