Taylor Lautner Gets His Cheer On At Stanley Cup Game

June 13th, 2009 // 5 Comments

I would not have pegged Taylor Lautner for a hockey fan, but what do I know? The New Moon hunk attended a NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals game in Detroit on Friday night.

Lautner watched the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings to win the NHL championship in the decisive game of the series. It cute how excited he gets. You gotta love a man who’s passionate!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon arrives in theaters Nov. 20. Check out the New Moon behind the scenes footage featuring Taylor Lautner here.

Gallery Info: Taylor Lautner at the Stanley Cup Finals – Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wing game seven

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Maria

    He’s also coming to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto next week! weeeee!!

  2. Ncha

    Lame Bro.
    Have some pride man.

    His hotness, in my eyes, just dropped to Richard Simmons levels. Cheering for the wings epitomizes douchebaggy uncoolness.

  3. Rasha

    Why would cheering for the Red Wings make him a douche bag?? If anything, it added to his hotness :)
    I love the Red Wings and now I love Taylor even more<3

    By the way, I don’t mean any of this in a bitchy way, just adding my opinion :)

  4. kimberly

    i just stopped liking taylor lautner more.
    at first i was like, yeah he’s hot, i’ll admit that even though i hate twilight now….
    and then he cheered for the red wings.
    and the pens won. so in your face taylor lautner! HAHAHAHHAHA!
    and malkin and crosby are wayyy hotter than you any day. :D

  5. online-maris

    Por que no:)

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