Taylor Lautner Drops ‘Max Steel’ for ‘Stretch Armstrong’

I suppose if your grandmother read that title, she wouldn’t know what the hell this article is about.  But hey, grandmas shouldn’t be on the internet, they should be baking.  Back in the kitchen, old lady!

Alright, time to talk to the young hepcats.  Taylor Lautner, a young lad who seems to really be going places, recently signed on to do Max Steel, a movie about some cartoon that even I’ve never heard of (sadly, that’s an anomaly), as well as Stretch Armstrong, a movie about a toy that I wasn’t allowed to have (darn you, toxic goo!).

Well according to Collider, it seems that Taylor dropped out of Max Steel and, seeing as how the movie is aimed at young boys and not drooling women of all ages, I’m thinking he made the right decision.

And speaking of ladies, I should mention to you gals out there that Brian Grazer, producer of Stretch Armstrong, is working to get the movie made in 3D.  Feel free to send Brian a note voicing your support (or thanks, whichever suits you).

I’ve spent too long on soap boxes decrying the ridiculous unoriginality of Hollywood (seriously, movies are being made of Candy Land, Battleship, AND Risk; and people are wondering why no one goes to the movies anymore), so I’ll leave it to you smart people to stay home and watch Jersey Shore when this crap is released in the theater.  Ok, well, you get the idea.

In the meantime, please to enjoy some fancy photos of young sir Lautner in the recent issue of Men’s Health.