Taylor Kitsch’s Hand Slashed By ‘Wolverine’ AKA Hugh Jackman

Oh dear. Metallic claws are apparently dangerous, folks. That’s what Friday Night Lights hottie Taylor Kitsch learned on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman
was doing an intense fight scene with 28-year-old Kitsch’s character
Gambit, during which time he says that he was apparently too aggressive during one take. “We
were having this fight scene and [Kitsch] has his staff and he goes to hit me
and I stop him with my claws, and he pulls back really quickly,” the Daily Star
quoted Jackman as saying.

“I’m looking at him because they haven’t called cut, and I’m looking at my claws and there’s only two
claws coming out, and I’m thinking, ‘Where’s the third claw?’ I
look up and it’s sticking out of [Taylor’s] hand. Straight into his hand and
he’s like, ‘Whoa dude, something I said?’ [Taylor] pulls it (the claw) out,
wipes the blood on his jeans and goes, ‘Let’s go,'” Hugh added.

least Taylor wasn’t slashed in the face! Otherwise, he wouldn’t looks
as pretty as he does in these photos from the April issue of Men’s Health.