Taylor Hicks, Diva Extraordinaire

February 15th, 2007 // 19 Comments

Star magazine recently did some research (I LOVE when tabloids do research. It’s like slightly more accurate than when I do research…) and determined that “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks has set a record for the quickest contestant to become a diva. According to the mag:

“The minute Taylor made the top 24, he became difficult and he seemed to get worse over time.”

The source also revealed that Taylor was on the show and clearly was well-versed on the reality TV practice of being there “to win, and not to make friends.”

“He was conceited and cold,” according to the insider. “Once he was in the top eight, I think he no longer wanted to be on the show.” Some examples cited by Star: when in the top ten, Taylor didn’t want a bodyguard to accompany him to the men’s room as required and reportedly told one to “[bleep] off,” he refused to go to photo shoots, and he wouldn’t speak to others in the show’s green room.

To be fair, I also require that a bodyguard accompany me to the men’s room, but for completely different and perverted reasons.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. classicsusan

    What a complete moronic mess….yuck!

  2. So he was in a bad mood… what are people supposed to be happy all the time?

    I’ve never seen that show or even heard him sing but it all sounds rather juvenile too me.

    They probably treat the “finalists” like cattle and have 10 photoshoots a day from promotional purposes.

    If it were me I wouldn’t do anything more than what my contract required.


  3. Ragdoll

    I would need more than this to label him a “diva”.

  4. bettylafea

    He probably is kind of a bitch, but who the fuck wants a bodyguard to follow you in to take a piss/dump? Maybe he has really stinky shits and gets all embarassed. Maybe he just values his privacy.

  5. Joe

    No one wants a bodyguard around when they’re skiing in the bathroom.

  6. Jay32103

    So he didnt want someone to go to the bathroom with him? That makes him seem more down to earth to me… and as far as not wanting to make friends, all of the contestants had nothing but nice things to say about him. But as in Hollywood they must make something out of absolutely nothing…

  7. Who is he again? Didn’t his career end before t began?

  8. brian

    Aren’t his 15 min. of fame up yet?

  9. Tine

    Taylor Hicks sucks if he’s a diva or not. I hate how he looks like he’s 50.

  10. Kim

    Eh, I need more than this, too. I don’t want someone supervising my restroom activities. Moreover, I have worked in professional theatre for years, and a lot of people aren’t chatty in the green room. You’re there to focus on your JOB, which is to entertain. It ain’t coffee tawk time–you’re at WORK. Kudos to him for taking his job seriously.

  11. Kree

    I have a friend who attended Auburn University with Taylor. Apparently he had quite a nasty cocaine habit. Now you know why he wants to be alone in the restroom!

  12. Phan

    There isn’t anybody in Hollywood who doesn’t have an ego. The other contestants did not seem to have any problem with him at all. What Daughtry fan wrote this article?

  13. fuzzy

    Send that douche back singing in pick up truck commercials. I’m sure he really attracts the kind of guy who drives F-150 half tons. What a dick.

  14. LMAO @ fuzzy.

    That was great. :-)


  15. homeless guy

    When I look at that picture I see a heterosexual male that just wanted to stick his thing through a hole he would cut between bathroom stalls without the help of a body guard.

    Again, 100% not gay.

  16. 2texas

    Yeah – and he was sooo “unfriendly” with the other males from American Idol that they frequently played impromptu sessions together – having fun on stage at private clubs after the AI concert tours all summer……….they seemed friends enough then………..plus he has been nothing but gracious despite all the stupid negative media attempts at discrediting what is a truly gifted original entertainer………grow up – do you believe tabloid “research” ……nah – didn’t thinks so!

  17. katie


    katharine should’ve won.
    she’s probably a diva to but atleast she has talent to back it up.

  18. i work at a radio station that he came to and he was just awful!! he acted like he was to good to be here and then was rude to the listeners!! he would not even give them the time of day. he was even worse to the employees!! i do agree with joe on him skiing in the bathroon though, because when he first came in to the building he was rather sniffy, and his manager asked for some tissue and when i replied will paper towels work? he said ohh no its for his nose!! you can watch his taped interview on youtube and see how he just seemed put off by the whole proccess!
    diva? no! just a jerk!!

  19. Kat

    I saw a video of him being interviewed on WAPE at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zZ6DGuH5AU. He looks/sound a little under the weather but was gracious enough to sign autograph and pose for pictures. If this is an example of a Diva or a Jerk, then I want all celebrities to be Divas and Jerks!

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