Taylor Swift’s Instagram Is Why I Like Her

March 2nd, 2014 // 1 Comment
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I know people are always getting on Taylor Swift‘s case about her love life. Yeah, I know, she sings about boys and love a lot. That’s not all her life is about though. In fact, there’s no mention of guys or relationships in her Instagram at all.

Taylor Swift’s Instagram is all about her friends, her music, and her fans. Basically, everything that’s important to her life. Nothing romantic related. On Valentine’ Day, she posted a picture of herself celebrating with friends in the studio. My favorite kind of Valentine’s Day.

My favorite picture on her Instagram right now is a picstitch of her fans showing their love for Taylor through signs and cut outs. Her caption for the picture is “Oh my God, please never leave me.” Which is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Taylor posts a lot of pictures with her friends having various adventures. In fact, that’s what most of her pictures are. She even has a picture with fellow celeb Sarah Hyland celebrating New Years together. On the beach, backstage, at the studio, or just hanging out, Taylor shows us what she does when she isn’t writing songs about heartbreak. I’d love to hang out with Taylor Swift for a day. I’d take so many Instagram selfies.

I also like looking at her life in pictures and seeing some of the things she writes about in action. She posted a picture of her high school BFF, with red hair, who must be the “red-headed Abigail” she talks about in her song “Fifteen”. She also has a picture of her and her younger brother wearing matching onsies on Christmas morning (the best), and she mentions him in a song or two as well.

Yes, I know the lyrics to all of her songs, it’s fine, we don’t need to talk about it. Basically, she writes about her life, and I think that’s really cool.

By Caitlin Anders

  1. Yes that red head is Abigail. Taylor forms friendships that last because she’s the most honest person in entertainment today. Her stage persona is totally real and committed but her off-stage persona is also. What a perfectly balanced and brilliant human being. How can we have more people like her? Oh, wait, she’s raising a generation of them right now. Lol.

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