Taylor Swift, Solange Knowles And Other Female Celebs Who Can Rock Curls! [PHOTOS]

Hair Envy!
Klum on set for a hair commercial, looking amazing. Jealous!
It’s every celebrity’s priority to look their best 24/7. And let’s be honest. Girls have the pressure of doing so x20. They’ve got to have the right outfit for every occasion, the right accessory for every outfit, and the right company to go with it all. What about the hair?

While hair styles come and go, it’s clear to see that some of these ladies in the spotlight have gotten their looks down. Most of them, anyways. What’s one look that never seems to go out of style, though?

Curls! Yes, curls. And lot’s of them. Though stars like Beyonce and Halle Berry have done away with their curly locks, others like Taylor Swift and AnnaLynne McCord have stayed true to their roots (hair roots, that is).

Curly, straight, frizzy, short or long, we love what these female celebs are doing with their hair, or we at least love talking about it.

Check out the gallery for 10 Hollywood ladies who know how to rock some curls! Should some of them bring ‘em back or do away with them for good?