Taylor Swift & Lorde Seem To Be Hollywood’s Newest IT Couple

Lorde Gets Fancy
The musical sensation gets a manicure in Beverly Hills
Did you know that Taylor Swift and Lorde are best friends?

If the fact that they’re looking for ways to work together didn’t give it away, then perhaps their latest outing in Los Angeles might. The duo was spotted in West Hollywood this weekend doing what all best friends love to do: shop. At least that’s what my best friend and I love doing. That and picnics.

Now, since I have no idea what T-Swift and Lorde were actually talking about, we’re just going to pretend that The Frisky is correct

Also, on a completely different note, Lorde was totally in my dream last night. She stopped by the Socialite Life office and I had to give her a ride somewhere, but then I couldn’t see where I was driving so we stopped to eat chicken at a hospital and people got her autograph. It was all so strange.

Too bad Taylor wasn’t in my dream. Maybe the three of us could have formed a supergroup. Also, no word on where Selena Gomez was. I wonder if she’s jealous. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Taylor and Lorde shopping. As usual, they both look lovely.