Taylor Swift Looks Gorgeous In New York City As She Casually Drinks Some Diet Coke

Taylor Swift GIF ALERT
Taylor sticks her tongue out at Justin & Selena kissing.
Did you guys know that Taylor Swift is the face of Diet Coke?

Just in case you didn’t know, Taylor is here to remind you with her very obvious Coke can. The singer was spotted in New York City today, looking particularly adorable in her leggings, navy coat and cap. Her sweater seems to disappeared at some point, so that’s a thing.

Listen, I love Taylor, but her paparazzi shots are hysterical. Like, who looks that good on a normal basis? Nobody! 

And the Diet Coke can? Come on. You know she called the paparazzi out to see her. Just like she did that one time she was grabbing groceries. And T-Swift, I applaud your knowledge of how the fame thing works. Brava.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Taylor out and about today. Also, if one of you can figure out where her jacket is from, I will give you a prize.*

*The prize is watching Taylor in this Diet Coke commercial below.