Taylor Swift Is Royalty Too…Pop Royalty

Taylor Swift is 'Vogue'
Swift shows off her penchant for fashion in 'Vogue'
Taylor Swift got a chance to meet real royalty…yep, she met Prince William at a charity gala.

Oh these celebs are always involved in charities (cough, cough, tax write off). The Duke met T-Swift and Jon Bon Jovi at a drinks reception for 200 of the Centrepoint charity’s biggest donors.

William did look a bit awkward while chatting it up with the ’22’ singer, judging by one of the pics that were taken at the event but maybe she didn’t notice.

She talked about performing at the gala “I’m absolutely excited. I don’t think I’ve ever played at a palace before so it is really wonderful.”

Performing comes natural to Taylor of course, but she was also amazed at the Prince’s sense of humor, “He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny.”

Guests paid $678.40 (that’s in U.S. dollars/500 euros) each to attend the Winter Whites Gala which was held in aid of Centrepoint, a charity for youth homelessness.

T-Swift performed a rendition of her ‘Trouble’  followed with her song ‘Fifteen’.  Before performing, she introduced herself, “I’m Taylor, it is very nice to meet you, especially under these circumstances. It is my first time playing at Kensington Palace or any other palace for that matter.”  Aww Tay-Tay, we love your sense of humor!

Mama Duchess, Kate Middleton, was absent from the event…I would guess that it’s safe to assume that she was home taking care of Prince George in their 20 room apartment that was just next door.

Hmm…I wonder if she heard Taylor Swift from next door…Launch the gallery to check out more of the pop star at the event.