Taylor Swift Is Paying The Big Bucks! Shells Out $17 Million In Cash For Beachfront Property

She might be only 23, but that’s not stopping Taylor Swift from making some big ticket purchases!

The singer has reportedly paid $17.75 million for this Rhode Island, beachfront mansion that comes with a view, a pool and plenty of space for all her manfriends. Oh, and she allegedly made the payment in cash. She would.

The house, which was built in 1930, is over 12,000 square-feet and includes 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 8 fireplaces. Because, as you well know, you can never have too many fireplaces. Oh, and did we mention it has two kitchens? Cause it does! 

I’m sure we can expect plenty of friends-filled, “22”-esque partiesin the near future. Hopefully Taylor’s neighbors won’t mind. Sure they seem far away, but you know just how rowdy 20-something girls can be. Lucky for Taylor that her news digs also includes over 700 feet of private shoreline.

Now, while you might think that $17.75 million is an excessive amount of money–and it is–you’ll be pleased that Taylor got quite a deal on the place! It was originally on the market for $20 million. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Taylor’s new home. Think it’s worth the price-tag? Sound off in the comments!