Taylor Swift Is One Of The Few People Who Even Looks Cute At The Gym

Taylor Swift At Grammys
Taylor Swifts takes the plunge in a cream colored Grammys dress.
I hate people who look hot even when heading to the gym, and especially people who even look hot leaving the gym. Like, what even. How do you work out hard enough to get your body to look that good and not look like a hot mess at the end of it? It’s one of the great mysteries of our time.

Taylor Swift is definitely one of those mystical even-looks-good-at-the-gym creatures. She was spotted heading to, and later from, a work out earlier, and she looked adorable. It’s so unfair. 

Taylor was wearing an aqua and light read American flag sweater, super short black shorts, a black bag with a red bow on it, and of course her bright red lipstick. She looked adorable, and it definitely seems like her work outs and dance classes are working. Taylor is toned and fit, and her skimpy outfits showcase it. Props to you, girl

Taylor has been taking a new class called Ballet Bodies, which combines Pilates, personal training, and ballet. That sounds amazing. Taylor seems pleased with her new classes, and the studio seems pretty pleased to have Taylor there, too. They instagramed a picture of Taylor leaving the studio with the caption, “T.Swift looking fabulous walking out of Ballet Bodies! #balletbodies #taylorswift”

Talk about good press. Having Taylor Swift a regular attendee? It doesn’t get any better than that.