Taylor Swift Is All Smiles Following Split With Harry Styles [PHOTOS]

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift
The duo spent the afternoon in Central Park.
Country/pop singer Taylor Swift was all smiles as she visited a friend in Pacific Palisades, California yesterday (January 8th, 2013).

Swift recently split up with British boy band singer Harry Styles. The pop superstar couple ended their two-month relationship earlier this week with a blazing argument, in which Taylor told the One Direction lothario her career was more important than his. She was quoted as saying, “You’re lucky to even be with me.” Ouch.

A source close to the couple told The Sun newspaper: “Taylor knows she’s far more high-profile in America and way richer, and saw her career as more important. She always brushed off his schedule and needs and put hers first.” 

“When he complained his bandmates were getting irritated and she should do more to make things work, they started to yell crazy things. Taylor even yelled he was lucky to be with her. There were also problems over commitment. Harry wasn’t committed enough for her liking.”

Well Taylor, that’s what you get when you date an 18-year-old pop star.