Taylor Swift ‘Haunted’ By Split With Jake Gyllenhaal

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Taylor Swift has been keeping busy in London, most recently finding time to go on a dinner date with Gwyneth Paltrow and husband, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. The three were spotted together at The Delaunay Restaurant in London, on January 26, 2012, where they had some animated discussion and Paltrow shared some pictures from her phone with Swift. 

Swift didn’t look too distraught at the dinner; however, if reports from Us Magazine have any truth to them, Swift might still be carrying some heartbreak after her 3-month romance with Jake Gyllenhaal ended over a year ago. Us Magazine is reporting that pals of Swift are claiming the songstress is still “haunted” by her break-up with Jake Gyllenhaal. The pals are dishing that “She’s haunted by that relationship,” adding that Gyllenhaal “totally screwed with her mind.” 

Gyllenhaal whisked Swift away to London in November 2010, a rather grand gesture for “just friends.” The two split a short time later in December, and this could be the “earth-shattering, not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak” that Swift shared with Vogue recently as being the inspiration for her new album.

Swift has experienced her fair share of heart-break and owes much of her success to her ability to write catchy and heartfelt songs based on that heart-break. Even though it is fun for fans to picture who the songs are about and to gossip about what actually happened, Swift does not always blatantly call out an ex-boyfriend, so we may never know with certainty if Gyllenhaal is the real inspiration for songs on the new album.