Taylor Swift Goes Floral In New York City And I Totally Want Her Dress

I don’t care what any of you say, I love Taylor Swift’s fashion choices of late and I am sticking to that.

The singer made another one of her “oh, I swear this is just how I look in my normal every day life” appearances in New York City today, wearing an absolutely lovely floral dress. I like the 80s-esque vibe with the colors and the cut. Maybe that’s why I’m so into it.

Also, can we all agree that this haircut was the best thing Taylor’s ever done? 

I’m talking even better than “We Are Never Getting Back Together”, which is saying quite a lot. Speaking of that song, have you guys seen the birth announcement these two parents did to the tune of the song? It’s pretty cute. And their baby is adorable. Check out the video below, then to try to get their song out of your head. Spoiler: you can’t.

Now back to Taylor. She’s remained pretty scandal-free of late, which is both good and boring. Maybe she can reach out to Selena Gomez and remind her that Orlando Bloom is my man. Thanks, T-Swift. Launch the gallery to appreciate all the photos of Taylor’s adorable look. Are you enjoying her fashion game as much as I am? Sound off in the comments below!