Taylor Swift Gets Rushed On Stage By A Fan, Handles It Like A Pro

Now, I can completely understand the urge to want to run on stage and meet your favorite artist. But obviously I would never actually do it.

Which is why I’ve got a weird amount of respect for the Taylor Swift fan who jumped on stage at her London concert the other night to give the songstress something during “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. And then I’ve got even more respect for Taylor, who handled the whole thing like a pro.

You can watch a video of the exchange after the jump. 

Taylor smiled graciously at her fan and accepted whatever it was he gave her, before he was dragged away by security. I feel like if I’d gotten rushed on stage, I would have freaked out, but Taylor just kept on trucking.

After you watch the video below, launch the gallery to check out close-up photos of the incident. Any of you happen to be there when it happened? Was it just as entertaining in person as it is on video? Let us know in the comments!