Taylor Swift Forgot Her Pants, But Remembered Her Starry, Red Sweater

OK, so she’s wearing really short shorts, but man, those are really short, shorts.

Also, I should just let you know now that this will be a Taylor Swift appreciation post. So if that’s not your jam, may I offer you shirtless photos of Zac Efron.

Now back to Taylor. The songstress was spotted in LA today–sans real pants–leaving her go-to gym. I love that now I’m recognizing the bald man who accompanies her to the gym

Also, I don’t understand why she wears makeup to work, but whatever because girl looks gorgeous. This new short hair is really working on her and I absolutely love the bangs. Her red lipstick gives it just the touch of class it needs. Taylor, you are lovely.

And the fact that the girl has legs for days doesn’t hurt. So now I’ll just be over here, eating cake because I’m not T-Swift and listening to this. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos and appreciate the beauty.