Taylor Swift Dines With Alexander Skarsgard, Releases New Song ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’

Uh oh, Taylor Swift might have moved on to bigger and better things…

The singer was spotted dining with the tall, blonde, handsome specimen known to us as Alexander Skarsgard! The 23-year-old is in South Africa filming her new movie The Giver, which co-stars the True Blood actor and Katie Holmes.

It’s been months since Taylor has had a boyfriend so who better than the 37-year-old hunk?

Although she said she wanted to take some time before dating again, she might have found her new boyfriend! Her last romantic link was Harry Styles, and before that was Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Taylor Lautner.

The co-stars will be spending a lot of time on set of their new movie so who knows what will happen.

In other Taylor Swift news, the singer released her new single, “Sweet Than Fiction” on iTunes at midnight last night. The song was co-written by Fun’s guitarist Jack Antonoff.

Listen to the track below, read the lyrics at Directlyrics, and let us know what you think of TayTay’s new potential love interest. Will it work?