Taylor Swift Celebrates Legal Drinking Age Birthday!

Taylor Swift celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday. When she blew out the candles (cake courtesy of WSIX Nashville DJ Gerry House), I’m sure she wished with all her might that people would take her seriously as an adult now that she’s of legal drinking age and has a grown up hair ‘do.

What else could she wish for? Her latest CD, “Speak Now,” has gone trip platinum and she falls snugly in the middle of teeny-bopper break-ups and shacking up make-ups with a coy, under the radar relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Seen going into the recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee with her lucky number 13 on her hand, Swift would not indulge any details of the night’s celebrations.

“Later on I might have plans, but not really during the day,” she said.

Yea right. I’m sure Jakey-poo sent a jet to whisk her away to like the Twilight island or something.