Taylor Swift Breaks Billboard Record As First Female Artist With 11 Hot 100 Songs

November 6th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Taylor Swift has broken yet another Billboard record, becoming the first female recording art to place 11 songs on the Hot 100, and the first artist ever to do so from a single album. Taylor released all tracks from her new album Speak Now to amazing results. The album itself sold over a million copies in the first week. Seriously, this girl can even make dating Jake Gyllenhaal seem like it ain’t no thing.

“Mine” had already established itself on the charts before the next 10 singles were released, and “Sparks Fly” is gaining ground at #17.

“Oh my … I can’t even form words when I think about it. You know, you make an album and put it out there and it could be anything,” Taylor, pictured outside MuchMusic studio in Toronto yesterday, said of the album. “It could turn into anything because the fans determine what that album is going to be. The fact that the fans turned this album into an album that sold a million records in the first week absolutely blows my mind. I’m, like, running around. I feel like I’m floating and constantly dancing around and just so happy.”

Who knew hooking up with John Mayer could actually be good for something!

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By Lola Robertson

  1. sherrie taylor

    taylor swift can not SING!!!!!!!!!. HUM??? I don’t how she ever made it as a recording artist. If taylor swift made it anyone can who can’t sing can make it. Gosh she is no Christina Aguliera . Now she’s the one with a beautiful singing voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    taylor swift can not hold a candle to Christina Aguliera. It’s true she can’t SING!!!!!!!

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