Taylor Swift And Her Many Men! [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift
The singer showed off her undies on stage.
I’ve come to notice that Ms. queen of country and all that’s sweet, or better known as Taylor Swift; seems to have somewhat of an obsession with boys! Taylor is the town leader when it comes to make-ups and break-ups! This gorgeous country rock star has made fame seem effortless with her relatable lyrics about love, break-ups, and getting revenge; and we all thank her for that!

What I’m more intrigued with though is the fact that this girl ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, has a new man in her life or a new break-up song that is being used as a national anthem for girls everywhere! Taylor has made dating a sport; and you know what, I appreciate that because we’re all only young once and why settle when there’s no need to?!

From young love with Taylor Lautner, to the bad boy John Mayer, to the heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal, this girl has really covered a lot of ground! With each relationship though this starlet has matured; I know this because thanks to her hit singles we can all live vicariously through her love life!

After trying to date older not exactly working out in her favor, Taylor is now seen arm and arm with Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson 18 year old Conor Kennedy. This couple was recently seen all coupled up at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. Anyway Tay, we wish you the best of luck in this relationship; but worst case scenario we could all use a new break-up montage!