Taylor Momsen’s Raunchy FHM Photoshoot, Says If People Don’t Like You They Can ‘Suck A D*ck’ [PHOTOS]

Taylor Performs
Taylor Momsen performs while wearing lingerie.
I probably would have worded it differently, but I agree with what Taylor Momsen is saying. Momsen is featured in the latest issue of FHM and poses the only way Taylor can, plus the former actress gives a few good soundbites as well.

Here are some of the best quotes from the interview:

On people who don’t like you: “My biggest thing is be yourself,” asserts Taylor. “Be yourself and if people don’t like you, then they can suck a d*ck. If they don’t like you, then they’re not the type of person you should be around. I don’t like people who pretend to be something to fit into a certain crowd.”

On stripper heels: “I love stripper shoes and I always try to find the tallest ones,” reveals the Pretty Reckless front woman. “I’m always surprised no one talks about my shoes. I’m, like, on stage in 15-inch heels but people talk more about my eye make-up, which has stayed the same forever. I always think that’s funny. I’m 5’8”. So I’m really tall. I got into heels when I was little, though. My mum’s really short so she always wears really tall heels and I used to steal them and now it’s just a part of my everyday life.” 

On being neurotic: “I can work 24 hours a day and not have it bother me and not be exhausted by it because that was built and instilled in me at such a young age. To be honest, I don’t know what to do when I’m not working,” confesses the young star. “I lose my mind if I’m not constantly doing something. I’m completely neurotic, totally anxious and high-strung all the time. I sleep for about four hours a night, or day, really. I go to bed at, like, 9am, sleep for four hours, then get up and start the day again.”

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