Taylor Momsen Is Topless In The Pretty Reckless Promo Poster

Taylor Momsen Exposed
Taylor Momsen exposes a little more than she should on the red carpet.
Just as we thought Taylor Momsen had “cleaned up,” she’s back being her old edgy and racy self.

Momsen debuted a brand new look (but looked extremely bored) earlier this week at Alice and Olivia’s New York Fashion Week Show. The 20-year-old actress ditched her signature heavy, black eye makeup and went for a much more high-fashion look. Taylor also traded in her platinum messy blonde hair for a much softer style.

However, in this just released promotional poster for her band The Pretty Reckless, the heavy makeup is back, and Taylor is featured topless and covering her breast with her hand. 

Oh Little J. We miss you. She posted the pic along with the following tweet:


Old habits die hard I guess. Check out how pretty Taylor looked during Fashion Week by clicking through all the pics in the gallery.

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