Taylor Momsen Has A Zipper Issue [PHOTOS]

While Taylor Momsen would like us to all focus on her music, and not her look, once again I’m going to talk about her clothing for a minute.

Taylor experienced either a fashion faux paux or wardrobe malfunction for singer Taylor Momsen as she was seen with her zipper down while out and about today in Paris, France.

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In an interview with PopEater the Pretty Reckless singer and Gossip Girl actress – who previously described herself as a product of the entertainment industry – confessed that while she would like press to be focused on her music rather than her bad girl persona, she accepts that stories about her personal life are more interesting to the public.

More from Taylor, plus video of her interview with PopEater, are after the jump.

“[My demeanour] does take over my music but that’s also tabloids. That’s their response to who I am,” she explained. “I don’t have control over what people are going to write and it’s always going to be part of it. But fashion, music… it all comes together. Tabloids are going to focus on my shoes and not my music, that’s just what they do.”