Taylor Momsen About To Bolt From ‘Gossip Girl’?

Despite being on the show since the pilot, it seems Taylor Momsen’s days on Gossip Girl may be numbered. Sources close to the production team confirm that Momsen, who has only appeared on three shows so far this season, will be MIA for at least four episodes.

The hiatus is apparently indefinite and it comes as no surprise as Taylor creatively and personally distances herself from the show. Tim Gunn recently spoke about her bad behavior when he played mentor to ‘Jenny’ in an episode last month…

“What a diva,” he told E! News. “She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself, ‘Why are we being held hostage by this brat?'”

It just seems to be clear that Taylor is ready to move on from this show and honestly, they should let her go, but I guess part of the problem is just figuring out what to do with her character that seems like a reasonable explanation of why she isn’t there. Or they should just incorporate Momsen’s goth appeal into the show and just say that her character joined the occult.