Taylor Lautner Performs His Own Awesome Stunts While Filming ‘Tracers’ In NYC

Taylor Takes A Beating
Lautner Films A Fight Scene For 'Tracers'
Don’t you ever try to peg young 21-year-old Taylor Lautner as anything but a serious actor! This kid is super dedicated to his latest filming endeavor and that hard work is paying off.

There is no doubt of course that he is sexy as hell. But he isn’t all about looks and can bring the action like crazy while filming on set.

Taylor has been performing most of his own stunts for his latest film Tracers and from the looks of things it is all pretty impressive. According to Daily Mail, the film centers around a bike messenger in the Big Apple who after becoming wanted by the mafia, escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.

Seen here, the ever adorable Taylor Lautner performs his own stunts while filming for the upcoming flick Tracers in New York City on July 20th. Standing alongside super cute 27=year-old costar Marie Avgeropoulos, Taylor looks more handsome than ever. He looks especially happy riding around his bike before getting ready for some insane stunts under a bridge where he jumps several cars. I’m loving his gorgeous smile and scruffy exterior. The rugged look suits him well!