Taylor Lautner Looks Super Intense On The Set Of ‘Tracers’

Stare Taylor Lautner! Stare!!!

The hottie with a body was spotted on the set of his new movie, Tracers, earlier today giving quite the intense stare to his fellow cast members. So, can talk we about why Taylor isn’t shirtless a whole bunch in this movie? You’d think if they’re putting him in Tracers, they might as well use his best assets.

Also, this movie is either going to be amazing or super confusing. You know what, it just might be both. Oh, and did you guys see him with the ski mask

It was a pretty special moment in all of our lives. Just imagine if you saw a creepy dude with a ski mask coming towards you and then it was just Taylor Lautner. It would be much less stressful.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Taylor being intense on set. Are you looking forward to Tracers? Sound off in the comments!