Taylor Lautner Leaps Into Action On ‘Tracers’ Set, Shows Some Belly

I was just wondering what Taylor Lautner was up to, and here we are.

Taylor was spotted on the set of Tracers today (June 18, 2013) in New York City doing all types of action movies – from jump to bike riding to lifting up his shirt. Sounds like this movie will have some thrills!

The film co-stars Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos who plays Nikki, a skater girl who runs with a gang of street criminals. She meets Lautner’s bike messenger Cam and pulls him into her world – and, naturally, into a love triangle with a member of her crew. 

Are you excited for Taylor’s new action film? Do you think it will be any good? Sound off in the comments below.

Check out all the pics of Taylor in action on the set of Tracersby launching the gallery.

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