Taylor Lautner Gives A Wave At The Dolphins vs. Patriots Game

I’m going to forget that I saw a step-and-repeat at a football game.

Moving on.

Ray Finkle’s Miami Dolphins played Tom Brady and the Pats last night (September 12th) to open Monday Night Football at SunLife Stadium.  As is the case with most things in Miami (LA doesn’t have a team, unfortch), the stops were pulled out to draw as many celebrities as possible (those ads aren’t going to pay for themselves).

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Taylor Lautner was among the stars who attended the game, though we can’t confirm whether or not he actually watched.  He did, however, wave to everyone from the step-and-repeat.  My father happened to be at the game, and these were his texts to me and my sisters:

Text #1

Dad: “Mr. Twilight with gelled hair is here”

Me: “There are a lot of stars in Twilight.  Which one?”

Dad: “I don’t know.  The Twilight guy.”

Me: “Ask someone who ‘The Twilight guy’ is.”

Dad: “Taylor something.”

Test #2:

Dad: “The Twilight kid is here.”

My sister: “There are a lot of guys in Twilight, dad.”

Dad: “The one with eyes.”

- Taylor Lautner Miami Dolphins – quick photo post

Photo Agency – WENN – Taylor Lautner The Miami Dolphins vs The New England Patriots NFL Monday Night Football game at Sun Life Stadium. September 12, 2011.