Taylor Lautner Fields Shirtless Questions From Morning TV [PHOTOS]

November 9th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Taylor Lautner made the morning show rounds today (November 9th), first talking to Savannah Guthrie at Rockefeller Center.

The Today show co-host, like every other red-blooded woman, wanted deets on Taylor’s shirtless scenes (behave, you silly goose).

“In the finale, Taylor, do you get a shirt? That is the question,” Guthrie asked.

“Of course I do,” Lautner said with a laugh.

Guthrie mentioned the perils of fame, including hearing loss due to overzealous fans.

“Look, if that’s the worst downside, then I’m totally good with everything,” Lautner assured her. 

Then it was on to Live! With Kelly and Michael, and the conversation again turned to Lautner’s fit frame.

“It’s funny. I had a conversation with the director…and I said, ‘Can we maybe try and limit the shirtless scenes just a little bit?” Lautner told the Strahan and Ripa. “So I was able to do that, and so, there’s only one in this one. But it’s a serious one.”

Watch Lautner’s appearance on Live! below.

By Kelly Lynch

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