Taylor Lautner Covers Up His Pretty Face With A Mask On ‘Tracers’ Set

Taylor Lautner Strips
Lautner shows off his rock hard abs for GQ.
Taylor Lautner was spotted wearing a ski mask while shooting a robbery scene for his latest movie Tracers in New York earlier today (July 10, 2013).

Now why would the producers go and do that? At least let him wear a nylon stocking so we can see a little something!

So, what is up with Taylor’s love life? Is Taylor Lautner still dating Maika Monroe or is he hooking up with Tracers co-star Marie Avgeropoulos

According to the New York Post, Lautner, 21, was snuggling up to a pretty brunette during a Fourth of July bash at Hudson Terrace, and she looked a lot like Marie Avgeropoulos.

“He was very affectionate with his dark-haired young lady friend,” said a witness, “They were kissing, dancing and hugging in their private cabana area. They stayed the majority of the night, enjoying drinks and dancing till about 2 a.m.”

Oh Taylor, your love life is so confusing. Check out all the pics of Taylor on the set of Tracers by launching the gallery.

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